Diploma 5#
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Diploma 5#

500x350x 100cm , video-installation and performance, 2011

A big screen( 500x 350cm ) will hang in the middle of the space. Behind the screen, many fishhook hang from the ceiling. A lot of daily object ,like clothing, books, will be rebuild as puppet, control by long sticks. The artist will play this puppets. They will come up to the screen one by one, then hang in the fishhook. The shadow become an image of a diploma, with the bridge.

Use a video projector as the light for the puppet shadow show. It plays readymade video, which will be simple white background with subtitle in the center, the text will be from Hamlet.

The visitors can see performance from each side of the screen in the opening, after the opening, the record of the performance can be shown on a monitor in the space. And the hanging objects and their shadow show as an installation.