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HeartSutra 1999

This works provides two different perspectives on heart and turns their transfer and coexistence into one kind of dramatic physical experience.

Sutra of the Heart of Prajnaparaita is one of the important sutra of Mahayana and also holds a very significant position in the sutra of Chinese Zen. There were over 20 different translations of the sutra in China's ancient dynasties and ancient calligraphers repeated writing this sutra of only about 200 words, which includes thorough discussions of the serenity and nirvana of heart.

The scripts of HeartSutra are written on the wall with invisible fluorescent paints. Under the purple lights, the scripts, which float in the dark background, give out fluorescence. In a sudden, the strong incandescent lights are turned on with the purple lights off and the scripts disappear., leaving the audiences nothing but the white empty wall and a real human heart specimen in the middle of the space. In five minutes, the incandescent lights are gone with the purple lights on gradually. The audiences pupils get used to the darkness for a while and the fluorescent scripts become visible in the air gradually. Such process will be constantly repeated.

The conflict of the idea of useless body in Chinese tradition and the indelible materialization of the physical existence composes the strain of this works.