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Qiu Zhijie:
Journeys without Arrivals

Saturday 1 April 2017 from 15.00 until 18.00.
Journeys without Arrivals is a com-prehensive overview of the artistic production developed by Qiu Zhijie since 1985 to date. The wide spectrum of artworks and documentation featured in the show – ranging in media and entangling different
temporalities and geographies – unveils an intimate portrait of the artist as a polymath, whose art work is an integral part of a lar-ger, holistic approach to life itself.
Embracing the concept of Total Art, Qiu professes and demonstrates the role of art as a powerful engine for change and awareness.
By constructing a discursive framework that aims at providing a transcultural understanding of Qiu's oeuvre, read both outside and within its cultural milieu of China, the exhibition reflects upon the
valuable encounters of his artistic vision with audi-ences embedded in diverse cultural backgrounds.
Charles Esche, Annie Fletcher, Davide Quadrio