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The INTERFACE series is based on the transfer of patterns from an engraved bamboo mat onto human skin. The patterns marked on the skin is a result of pressure between the human body and the mat. Unlike the tradition of Stone inscription or seal carving, which suggest performance and solomnness, here the skin mark is human and warm, lasting for only a short while. It's a rebellion against the traditional taste of metal and stone in the fine arts of seal carving.

Qiu carved words on bamboo mat as the idea of INTERFACE comes from the Chinese Character, ,meaning the transfer of the power of word and spirit from bamboo to man. In this series the text carved on the mat is Mao's poetry. Photographs taken from different people's bodies can be joined together to make a complete readable piece. The use of human body as paper is a witty comment. people at particular periods in history. Often, the execution of such power occurs during daily activity, without ceremony.