Asian Parallel Times
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All places in Asian have assimilated the time measuring system from Christianism. Anyway, at the same time the traditional ways of counting the year retain their infulence power in different levels. For instance, the Buddhism time in Thailand, the Eperor time in Japan, the traditional solar and lunar system in China, the Persia Solar and Lunar time in Iran, and the Islamic time in Islamic World. The co-existence of different time system results from the twoness of Asian culture. The connection between local and global culture, the progress of uniformity between traditional belief and modenized experiences, the conflict bewteen colonization history and tradition inheritance, all present the dignity and creativity of Asian people, disregards of any collision and split. The whole video work gathers abundant investigation and interviews, going deep into the traditional workshop, common family, profound artists studios, and offices of modern culture leader. Detailed comprehension of modernization and Asian identification will be acquired from their own concept of time.