April 8

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April 8, 1999

In April 1996, I invited ten participants of different backgrounds to copy Beijing Daily with their own hand writing script. Each of them also filled out some forms on their personal profiles. All of them duplicated their handwritings of the same content from the newspaper and their ten identities could be distinguished by their ten different scripts.

After that, a pen calligraphy mold, which is characterized by depressed grooves, was created based on the script of each participant. The pen point moves in the created grooves and hand muscles are trained subconsciously so as to change writing habits of the learners whose writing style is then made to inosculate the style of the molded script. This is an evolved trace and one scientific technology of producing standard scripts.

Audiences can choose any exemplary script to follow. When their handwritings are considered standard, the signature's significance as the proof of identities will be deprived.