The West
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The West: A imaged world

The Chinese embassy in Yugoslavia was bombed by NATO in the summer of 1999, I was in Beijing at that time and discerned the bedin in front of the US and UK embassy. The gusty event showed the complicated idea of how Chinese people represent the West. So, I began to make the CD-Rom work THE WEST.

In fact, the real political event is just one of the reason, I have paid attention to show how people were controlled in a unconscious situation for long time. The concept The West is the most complicated and inexplicit state, it badger with different historical and realistic elements, it's self-contradictory, either elevated and farcical. So, interactive multi-medial become the best way to present the feeling. It must become one kind of investigation, but keep the game style to show the complexity of the reality, especially, the fantasticality of the reality.

The West is the end of silk road, the West is the powerful aggressor, the west is the terrible and ugly beast with brown hair, the West is headspring of democracy and freedom; The west means advant technology, the West means rich life, the West is what China is now open to, then, it also enemy because the bomb. The West is not a geographical concept but an imagination.

Because of the complexity of this subject, this CD-Rom works is impossible to finish, it's a on going project. The feedback of the audidence will be new materials of it, then the work become a maze, just like this concept itself.