Bird eye
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Core Secrets

The Third Path

The Eloquent Young Teacher

The River Discovered Roads Before Mankind Did

The Fanatics

The Secret of Mosiacs Has Been Forgotten

Heaven is Better than Any Other Nation

Animals Find Glass Most Incomprehensible

The Bird Named Jingwei is Actually a Girl

The Isles of Yesterday

Messenger Bottle of the Winged Victory

Attempt to Praise This Unfamiliar World

This Water is Certainly Not Free

The Dragon Bides Its Time

The Painter's Genius Thrives After He Loses His Sight

Nobody Watches Socio Dramas Anymore

The Territory of the Empire Grows More and More Indistinct

In Fact There is Another Way

Marriages Arranged by the Older Generation

Animals Restraining their Appetites


The Desert is the World's Last Ruler

This Mountain Has Been Here Since the Beginning of Time

The Oasis


The Footprints of the Wild Geese Have Been Covered Up

Relying on Natural Barriers, The Defenders Held On for Several Years