This Is Not a Self-portrait

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1000 x 600 cm


Self portrait is a form of self-pity and narcissism; it can also come from a place of looking inward and following the impulse of self-exploration. Here, portraiture is used to describe a person's boundary and questions related to this awareness. The author invites participants to use any technique to create a section of his or her own portrait, using "individual style". Participation becomes a process of identifying and mixing, during which "free expression" also actively accepts the limitation of form. As for the invisible "collective artist" less consideration is given to quality and style. In discussing the right to anonymous works, the act of individual self-portrait becomes rede?ned by making the work in public space. The performer continues raise the question: is it possible to be part of something and remains unaffected? Also: is it possible to access the non-public?